Taravari: SDSM and DUI are just putting on a show, they already have a government deal


Arben Taravari, opposition Alliance of Albanians’ Secretary General, believes that SDSM and DUI already have reached a government formation agreement, but are simply “putting on a show” for the public.

Both parties, according to the former Minister of Health and current mayor of Gostivar, along with the DPA MP, will have an unstable government that will be supported by 62 MPs. But at the same time, Taravari warns, with this support it will not be possible to implement the required reforms in the European integration processes.

“I doubt that SDSM can get the support from any Member of Parliament from VMRO or from other parties, and that will make the ruling majority very fragile. My party has nothing to look for in such a Government, we would just compromise ourselves working with DUI, which is a cancer spreading through the organism of Macedonia,” Taravari said.

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