Veljanoski: There is no justification and reason for five deputy Parliament Speakers


There is no economic justification and political reason for the election of so many Speakers of the Macedonian Parliament, said the former speaker of the legislature in several terms TrajkoVeljanoski, after the announcement that at Tuesday’s session will be elected as many as five deputies.

Parliament Speaker TalatXhaferi proposes the five deputy parliament speakers, and in the explanation of the proposal, he referred to the Rules of Procedure and the Law on the Parliament stating that “the number of deputy speakers is determined by the Parliament, at the proposal of the President. The deputy speakers are elected from among the MPs who belong to different political parties represented in Parliament.”

But according to Veljanoski, such an initiative is unjustified. “Democracy is an expensive toy, but it seems that only Macedonia applies the rule ‘the more expensive it is, the greater the democracy’,” notes the former Parliament Speaker.

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