Bishop Agatangel calls for an all-Macedonian protest: We want to join the EU, but with pride and our heads held high


Europe should not be a shame and humiliation for Macedonians, but we should join with our heads held high. This is part of the message sent by Bishop Agatangel, in which he calls for an all-Macedonian gathering against, as he says, the disparagement of the Macedonian national identity and dignity.

Several Macedonian associations announced that they support this protest, scheduled for Sunday at 5 pm in front of the EU office and in front of the Macedonian Parliament. In Agatangel’s video address, he says that a group of young people motivated by love for the country, and disappointed by the lack of a Macedonian national political party, are the initiators of this gathering.

“We must not betray our forefathers who laid their lives for our freedom and our chance to live in a democratic society. We all strive toward Europe, but for us, Europe must not be shame and embarrassment, we should take pride in it and we need to join EU with our heads held up high, not with our Macedonian name, identity and language disrespected,” Bishop Agatangel said.

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