Prime Minister-designate announces: School year to start on October 1


The school year will start on October 1, Prime Minister-designate Zoran Zaev said Wednesday after submitting the proposal for election of new government, as well as its program to the parliament.

Zaev pointed out that the new school year will start online for all students, except for children up to third grade and schools with fewer students and small class sizes.

According to him, time is given to take into account all aspects of this complex issue, including preparation of the online platform, safety protocols for the children, the issue of taking care of children up to 10 years of age, and these will all be included on the agenda of the first session of the new government. The start of the new school year depends on amendments to the laws on elementary and high school education, in line with protocols on learning models in times of pandemic, which need to be adopted by parliament.

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