New algorithm for recovered COVID-19 patients: If asymptomatic for 10 days, considered recovered on day 11


The new protocol on termination of the isolation period of COVID-19 patients launched on Tuesday.

As the Ministry of Health said in a press release, it applies to those treated for the infection at home, but not those admitted for hospital treatment, and states that the isolation period starts on the day the patient tests positive for COVID-19.

Previously, patients had to test negative on two consecutive tests in order for their isolation to end.

Now, asymptomatic patients will be placed in isolation only for 10 days, while those who show symptoms during treatment will be considered as recovered 20 days after they have tested positive for coronavirus and have had no symptoms for at least three consecutive days, the press release added.

With implementation of the new protocol, the recovery process will rely largely on daily reports submitted by personal physicians on patients’ symptoms or lack thereof and the register of COVID-19 patients.

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