Over 2,500 Macedonian citizens cross the Blato border crossing to Albania this weekend


During the weekend, about 2,600 passengers passed through the Blatoborder crossing on the Macedonian-Albanian border near Debar, which is a record number in the past period of the year.

During the weekend, 2,591 passengers with 985 vehicles entered and exited through the Blato crossing. As for the frequency this month, the number of passengers who passed through the crossing from August 1 to 23 is 33,304 passengers and 15,223 vehicles, said Stefan Dimoski, spokesperson for the Department of Internal Affairs in Ohrid.

According to the statistics from the past years, this August a lower frequency was registered, primarily due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the past years, on ordinary days, more than 2,500 passengers crossed the border, while on weekends about 4 thousand.

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