Analyst Bozinovski doubts that the old-new SDSM government will meet the expectations of the citizens


Analyst Vladimir Bozinovski in an interview with Kanal 5 TVsaid that he doubted that the old-new government of SDSM will meet the expectations of citizens, if you look at what it promised in 2017 and what it realized by 2020.

“Given what happened to the same government from 2017 to 2020, I honestly do not believe it. If we look at what was promised in 2017 and what was fulfilled in 2020, I honestly don’t think so. So I think that in this situation with two additional problems that are extremely important and will be assuming from October it is the economic and health crisis, I really think it will be very difficult to meet,” said Bozinovski.

According to Bozinovski, this slim majority of SDSM composed of 4 political parties of 62 MPs does not believe that there will be political will and strength for the government to dedicate itself to what is important for the citizens and the state.

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