Arsovski: Eurostandard is permanently devalued, Nina withdrew her money, but no one knows if there will be enough for the citizens


The government knowingly allowed Eurostandard Bank to collapse, and created a scandal worth 200 million euros, and thus is a conscious cause of chaos and uncertainty that happens to hundreds of thousands of citizens, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski at Friday’s press conference.
Aside from Nina Angelovska, Arsovski also accused Zoran Zaev, who knew about the Eurostandard case for a whole year and didn’t do anything about it. He is directly to blame for the damage that happened to all citizens, depositors in the bank, recipients of pensions and social assistance from the same, those who received a salary from there, but also to shareholders.

“The government’s entire attitude towards the Eurostandard case shows that they do not care about the citizens, but only about their personal and business interest, we see that from the case of Nina Angelovska, who used her position and withdrew her 250,000 euros from the bank, while hundreds of citizens were left with stuck deposits,” said Arsovski.

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