Ministry of Interior to store servers and data in a building in Prilep in the form of a circular ring and a central core of a server room


According to the project of “1X2STUDIO” from Belgrade, headed by the architect Zoran Abadiќ, a “Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Data Center” was built in Prilep, which ensures continuity in the operation of IT systems in function of the work of the Ministry of Interior, reports Serbian portal Gradnja.

The main goal of the project is to provide protection of the environment of the facility and equipment (as well as all information and software) from theft, vandalism, natural disasters (including earthquakes), disasters, terrorism and unexpected electricity damage, extreme temperatures, etc.

The facility is located 2 km northeast of the center of Prilep, and the main function of the facility is to provide safe accommodation of computers, storage and network devices, energy for their maintenance, temperature control for work, as well as connection with other devices inside and outside of it.

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