Economic Chamber of Macedonia demands immediate resumption of cooperation with the old-new government


The Economic Chamber of Macedonia demands from the new composition of the Government voted on Sunday, immediately, without protocols and administrative labyrinths, to continue the cooperation in order to determine the priorities in the economy that correspond to reality.

The Chamber welcomes, as written in Monday’s statement, the move of the Prime Minister and the economic team of the new Government to visit the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

“The old-new Prime Minister already has experience in that important position and has proved that he knows how to create strategic solutions for big and difficult issues in the political field, so we are sure that now the economy will get the central place. The composition of the new government in the economic sectors has solutions which are well known to us and with which we have cooperated in the past. This means that there is no need to get acquainted – the cooperation can continue immediately, which is a great advantage because time in these circumstances is the most important factor,” reads the statement released by the Economic Chamber.

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