Environmental organizations demand that the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Environment not be replaced


Environmental organizations once again on Saturday in a letter to the media demanded from the current government, i.e. its Prime Minister ZoranZaev, for Ana Petrovska to remain Secretary of State in the Ministry of Environment.

According to these organizations, Petrovska is an example of a state official with integrity and professionalism. They ask the Prime Minister ZoranZaev to keep Petrovska in the position of State Secretary in the Ministry, because, as they say, they see her replacement as a step backwards.

“Petrovska is a tireless professional with great experience and knowledge in the field of environmental protection. As environmental civil society organizations that have been working in the environmental sector for many years, we assure you that Ana Petrovska is a proven expert in her field who has shown that changes and improvements are possible. Information about her potential reshuffle as an activist has disturbed us and made us wonder why successful staff would change instead of being rewarded,” reads the joint statement issued by some 15 environmental NGOs.

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