Pendarovski: There must be a caretaker government if we want fair and democratic elections


President of the Republic of Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski in his guest appearance in a TV debate show stressed that according to him a caretaker government should not be abolished, i.e. there should be a caretaker government if the political parties want to have fair and democratic elections.

“I do not think we should get rid of the caretaker government. I, as a member of the ruling party, would not dare to unilaterally change or delete that caretaker government as long as the opposition does not believe that you, the one in power, will hold fair and democratic elections, completely irrelevant to what the OSCE and the ODIHR say”, Pendarovski stressed.

His SDSM colleague and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev previously announced that the so-called caretaker government established in 2016 with the mediation of the EU will be abolished, as a guarantor for conducting fair and transparent parliamentary elections in the country.

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