Besimi: The situation in the Budget is monitored on a daily basis


Deficit financing and loans due by the end of the year will be provided, and there will be a buffer for possible new pandemic shocks. Revenues are within the forecasts, and there will be enough funds to finance the next packages of economic measures, for regular payment of salaries, pensions, social assistance, liabilities to the economy, to creditors. This was stated by the new Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi in an interview with MIA.

“I want to send a clear message of calm that the financing of the deficit and the loans that mature by the end of the year will be provided, we will even provide a buffer for possible new shocks from the pandemic. We will provide sufficient funds to finance the next packages of economic measures to mitigate the effects of the crisis, as well as economic recovery in the post-crisis period towards the “new normal”. It will be a priority to see where the opportunities are within the budget, given which programs or projects are known with a high probability that they will not be fully realized by the end of the year, then attracting finance to our economy from external sources of funding, as well as considering opportunities for mobilization of free financial resources from the domestic financial market and thus in coordination with the NBRM in order to maintain financial and monetary stability in the economy, “said the minister.

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