Grape growers angry with the underestimating prices for the purchase and the lack of interest by the Government


This year the grape growers revolted over the prices for the purchase of their product. Namely, the wineries for the purchase of grapes give much lower prices, and the famous Macedonian wines are much more expensive than in previous years. The National Federation of Farmers monitors the situation in the wine sector and what it sees as a problem is the purchase prices.

“Smederevka has been bought for 11 denars per kilogram for year, while Vranec for 13 denars. This year, according to the announcements from some wineries, it is even lower, 4-6 days per kilogram. This created great fear and uncertainty among the growers. Every year, through the NFF lobbying and advocacy department, we make a calculation for the production price of grapes, which turns out to be 15 days per kilogram. This year, these statistics have been confirmed by relevant institutions,” said the Federation.

At the request of the National Federation of Farmers from the Agricultural Institute, the calculated unit production price of grapes is 11 denars per kilogram, and the production price of wine grapes with depreciation (labor is included in depreciation) is 15 denars per kilogram.

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