Mickoski: We have not met the goals of the generation that fought for an independent country, changes are needed


The beginnings of independence are inevitably related to VMRO-DPMNE and the active role that the party had in building the country, the Republic of Macedonia. That generation unanimously fought for an independent state, with its own institutions, a huge drive for a better life. And today the main question is whether we as a generation have justified their struggle. The answer is a big NO, reads the written statement of the leader of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski  released on Independence Day.

“We are not meeting the goals they fought for because we have a country with weak institutions, a country steeped in crime and corruption, a tormented and poor people. A mafia that runs the country and wants to run people’s lives. Our generation is here and we are waiting for a new chance. Macedonia is failing because the people need a milestone that will make life together better and more successful. After 29 years, we are talking about the same goals as at the time when the state was created. European Union, strong economy, security, etc.,” reads Mickoski’s statement.

“That is why we need changes for the better, and for that we need work and commitment from each and every one of us, and to understand that everyone is their own creator of their own destiny and happiness. Everything depends on us. That is why we must fight together, not for a rich government and poor people, not for a government that has comforts and people that live on rent,” Mickoski said.

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