Pandov: Zaev and the junta should know that they will not have peace until they fall


Head of the VMRO-DPMNE Patriotic Institute Aleksandar Pandov expresses satisfaction and confidence that the very fact that on his first day as head of the Institute, VMRO-DPMNE organized a protest against the current government of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

Pandov calls on the citizens to come out in large numbers at the protest and says that the government led by Zoran Zaev should be clear that from today it will face mass civil dissatisfaction with the injustices in Macedonia.

“I must be honest with you, that nothing in the world would make me happier than the fact that today, on the first day after my party reactivation, VMRO is organizing a protest! If the morning reveals the day, it should be clear to Zaev and his junta, that until they fall, they will not have peace of all the street protests,” Pandov said.

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