Bulgarian Minister’s message to Macedonia: You have changed your flag and name, you will change your history as well


Official Sofia will block Macedonia’s first intergovernmental conference with the EU if the interstate commission of historians does not reach an agreement, said Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister KrasimirKarakachanov.

According to Karakachanov, Macedonian diplomacy has been avoiding solving problems for three years since the Good Neighborliness Treaty was signed and expects the EU to defend itself. According to official Sofia, the Macedonian side avoids the meetings of historians in order not to face the resolution of the issue of GoceDelchev and thus shows that officially Skopje has no will to conduct an honest dialogue.

“Last November, ten months ago, you stopped the work of the Commission for Review of Historical Problems. We have said this a hundred times in the last ten months, that if no agreement is reached on those issues, Bulgaria will retaliate at the first intergovernmental conference until the issues are cleared up. That is the position of Bulgaria. And that is very clear in Skopje. If the Commission does not continue its work and does not resolve some issues, will you block the first intergovernmental conference? Of course,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Bulgaria KrasimirKarakachanov, TV 24 reported.

“I think as soon as we have agreements, they should be respected. You agreed to change your flag, to change your name. And with the country (Bulgaria) that has always helped Macedonia, you think you can play incorrectly,” Karakachanov added.

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