Xhaferi threatens: If travel expenses are abolished, Government official vehicles will be abolished let them ride scooters to work


Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi at Friday’s press briefing said that if the Government submits legal changes to further cut the expenses of MPs, it will propose everyone in the Government to give up official vehicles and go everywhere by scooters.

According to Xhaferi, work conditions should be provided and it should be borne in mind that they come from different places in the country.

“I expect not to receive such a proposal from the Government, and individually I do not expect anyone to give up that right which is regulated by the Constitution. If I receive such a proposal from the Government, I will submit a proposal for everyone to give up their official vehicles and go to work by scooter. Well, we will make a caricature of the state. We will either make a state or play with populist policies that bring daily points,” Xhaferi said.

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