Nikoloski: Criminal coalition SDSM/DUI adopted a detailed urban plan worth EUR 200 million for an offshore company from Panama


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski accuses on social media that the criminal SDSM/DUI coalition passed a detailed urban plan of 200 million euros for an offshore company from Panama, owned by a controversial businessman.

“A week has passed since I revealed the adoption of the detailed urban plan for “SIK Jelak” Tetovo, which envisages an urban jungle in the city with 2,000 new apartments for 8,000 inhabitants and huge business complexes with a total earnings of 200 million euros for the investor. The owner of the former giant “SIK Jelak” is Miodrag Daka Davidovic, through the company “Jelak Gradba”.

The SDSM / DUI coalition adopted a detailed urban plan in the area of “SIK Jelak” one day after the election of the Government, which brings a potential profit of 200 million euros to the investor. In “Jelak Gradba” the manager is Daka Davidovic personally, while the owner is the company “Adastra Group Corp” which is registered in the tax and offshore paradise Panama!”


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