Gjorgiev: The archives reveal that Goce was both a Bulgarian and a Macedonian


Speaking on TV Sitel Central news, Professor Dr. Dragi Gjorgiev said that the archival documentation did exist and that it could be interpreted with different approaches.

“Archival documentation for both the organization and Goce Delchev exists, and that archival documentation can be interpreted with different approaches. I must be honest and say that there are archival documents in which Goce Delchev declared himself a Bulgarian and that are not a secret either for their historiography or for our historiography. However, there are also documents in which Goce Delchev talks about Macedonians, talks about Macedonian women, talks about the Macedonian people, talks about Macedonia as a country, as an autonomous region, that in future it would become an independent country and from that aspect we can also we take Goce Delchev as our Macedonian member and the archival documents allow it,” said Gjorgiev.


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