Zaev confident that he will find a solution with Bulgaria over Goce Delchev


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is confident that a solution will be found to the disagreements over Goce Delchev with Bulgaria, but the Macedonian language, which is part of the identity, as he says, should not be discussed.

Zaev announced at a press briefing in the beginning that the Government will act cautiously and will remain oriented towards building a friendly atmosphere after the memorandum that official Sofia sent to the EU member states, in anticipation of the first intergovernmental session of the country with the EU, which expected by the end of the year.

“Through friendly talks, I am convinced that we will find a solution. This is a problem of the sixth historical figure or the fourth historical chapter before us, which we need to talk about, and I believe that identity issues should be out of any conversation, because both my friend Borisov and other intellectual politicians turn to the Macedonian people, they say that the Macedonian language exists and there are no dilemmas here. Let us leave space through talks, attention and friendship to find a solution for these steps so that the next step of our EU integration process is not in question,” Zaev said at Friday’s press conference.

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