Carovska: We all have a responsibility to show that the system must work and that education must continue


Тogether we can show that the school year 2020/2021 will be successful. Teachers are the foundation. There are challenges and we all have a responsibility, both parents and students and MPs and the media, to show that the system must work and education must continue. This was emphasized by the Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska in the debate show “Programa 200” on Alsat TV.

“I do not agree that it is better not to hold classes this year. Lost time in children’s development are lost years further for the state. In wars, too, there was teaching of lower quality, with interruptions, but there was education. Let there be breaks and reduced quality, but the stimulation of the children will continue because for their brain, for their development it is very important to have classes,” Carovska pointed out.

Continuous teacher training will go on. It is important to work on their motivation and to provide instruction even in times of pandemic. The difficulties we will encounter together will be overcome and that is why the Ministry of Education and Science is in constant contact with the union, school principals and mayors.


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