Zaev expects a meeting with Borisov to discuss Goce Delchev prior to Berlin process meeting


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Wednesday that he expects his first official visit as Prime Minister of new government will be to Bulgaria where he is to meet with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to discuss about Goce Delchev.

Zaev expects that the visit will take place before the scheduled Berlin Process meeting scheduled on November 10, which will be co-chaired by N. Macedonia and Bulgaria.

“I expect to have a meeting in the period, no later than November 10. Surely, I want to visit the Republic of Bulgaria and it will be my first official visit as Prime Minister because we really have issues to discuss, which is exactly the issue for this next historical chapter, and that is Goce Delchev as a historical figure and this period from history. The Berlin Process, hosted jointly by North Macedonia and Bulgaria, is expected to take place on November 10-11 in Sofia. I expect to receive response from Bulgaria so that we can meet and discuss about the preparations for the Berlin Process meeting as well as this open issue,” Zaev said.

He said it is encouraging that the N. Macedonia-Bulgaria joint commission on historical and educational issues is working to find a common solution, expressing confidence that they will deliver options for solutions to the problem.

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