Citizens blockTetovo-Skopje highway due to the increased price of electricity


The traffic on the highway from Tetovo to Skopje tonight was unannounced blocked for 30 minutes by twenty cars with people from part of the “Enough is Enough” initiative who have been organizing public protests in Tetovo for eight weeks due to dissatisfaction and revolt over the increase in electricity prices.

At around 7 pm, the group with their cars reached the front of Zelino where they blocked the movement of the other vehicles on the move from Tetovo to Zelino. The traffic was blocked for about 30 minutes, after which the group removed the vehicles and left.

Citizens held such a protest with a blockade on the highway on August 21. Last week, public protests were organized in several rural areas.

Citizens are demanding a 46 percent lower electricity price, the abolition of the regulatory commission, a reduction in VAT from 18 per cent to five per cent and the establishment of an independent arbitral tribunal to verify the quality of services and address citizens’ complaints about energy companies.

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