More than half a million citizens confirm that they had been asked for a bribe


Corruption is booming in Macedonia and is one of the most serious problems. Half a million citizens were bribed by a civil servant at least once last year, according to the latest MCIC survey. According to the research projection, about four hundred thousand citizens bribed someoneat least once last year.

The MCIC report says that the efficiency of the institutions in the fight against corruption is very low. Namely, if we compare the number of people who in 2018 were accused of abuse of office and receiving and giving bribes, which is 95 people with the number of people who were asked for bribes, we get 0.024% efficiency rate of institutions.

“In terms of involvement in corruption, if we assume that these are individual cases, we are talking about a potential minimum of 388,363 crimes committed. If we compare this with the sum of defendants in 2018 for abuse of office and defendants for receiving and giving bribes (95 people in total), we get an efficiency rate of institutions of 0.024%, ie that is the percentage of cases processed “versus those we assume are happening,” reads the latest MCIC report.

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