Macedonia to face difficult times because it did not build any experiences from the pandemic, warns Infectious disease specialist


Infectious disease specialist Velo Markovski said instead of infectious disease specialists predominating in the Commission for Infectious Diseases, there are only two of them, and according to him, there can be no explanation why this is so.

“The Commission for Infectious Diseases has another purpose. I do not know if you have understood, when a new minister comes and makes his own commission, he does not know what will happen in the coming period, whether there will some disease or not. It is a commission for protection against infectious diseases, which usually has only one or two infectious disease specialists. It is unclear why this is so, because infectious disease specialists should be predominant,” says Markovski.

He thinks that the coming period will be very bad, because, as he said, the government has not built any experience.

“I think that the coming period will be very dramatic, very bad. The worst thing is that we did not build any experiences,” said Markovski.

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