Neloski: Almost 200,000 euros for a SDSM advisor in the City of Skopje through the Innovation Fund


The government continues with its “innovative” methods for pumping money from the state treasury, and the latest such example is the case of a councilor of the ruling SDSM in the City of Skopje, who through the government Innovation Fund received a project of 11.8 million denars, said Vladimir Neloski, President of the City Committee of VMRO-DPMNE.

“The Innovation Fund continues to innovate new ways of pumping money out of the state budget at the expense of companies close to the government. The company “Brigada Design” DOOEL in Skopje, owned by the advisor in the City of Skopje from SDSM, BojanIvanovic and business partner of JaniMakraduli received a business of 11,800,000 denars from the Innovation Fund,” said Neloski.

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