Macedonia Gate and the Mother Teresa monument on the demolition list


The fate of one of the most recognizable buildings from the “Skopje 2014” project is uncertain. For now, whether Macedonia Gate will become only a part of the memories of the people of Skopje, there is no concrete answer from the competent institutions.

Following the information that the Government submitted a request to the Municipality of Centar before the elections to change the detailed urban plan “Small Ring”, i.e. deleting the stamps of Macedonia Gate and the unfinished monument of Mother Teresa, today they share more moderate tones.

The Government confirms that they have sent such a request in which they instruct the Municipality of Centar to reconsider these decisions and to harmonize them in accordance with the protection of the cultural heritage in the city center, but without specific directions.

“With the opinion given to the Municipality of Centar, the Government does not indicate that any of the mentioned facilities should be demolished, but the recommendation is that the DUP in question should be reviewed and harmonized by the Municipality of Centar, taking into account the opinions given by the Commission. Specifically, the Macedonia Gate facility does not obstruct pedestrian or motor traffic, pedestrians and vehicles pass through the street network every day, i.e. uninterrupted communication is allowed”, says the Government.

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