EC report: Zaev does not fight corruption


he prevalence and insufficient fight against corruption in Macedonia is stated in the latest report of the European Union on the progress of the country.
The report states that corruption in Macedonia is widespread in many areas and for its fight should be provided a more active approach by all stakeholders involved in preventing and combating corruption.

It also notes that some progress has been made at the operational level in the fight against organized crime, but more needs to be done to improve law enforcement effectiveness in combating specific forms of crime, such as money laundering and financial crime.
Proof that corruption is booming in Macedonia is the latest research of the civil society organization MCIC, whose projection shows that half a million inhabitants, at least once last year, were asked for bribes, and about four hundred thousand citizens at least once bribed a civil servant to finish certain service. The projection says that the efficiency of institutions in the fight against corruption is very low. Namely, if we compare the number of people who in 2018 were accused of abuse of office and receiving and giving bribes, which is 95 people with the number of people who were asked for bribes, we get 0.024% efficiency rate of institutions.

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