SDSM officials are paid thousands of euros, while the World Bank predicts an increase in poverty by over 6 percent


The government does not care about the citizens; they only care about their positions and luxury. Over 40,000 citizens of Macedonia lost their jobs, a huge part of the companies are forced to pay a minimum wage to their employees, but , on the other hand, SDSM officials are paid thousands of euros of the citizens’ money, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski.

“We have been asking publicly for three days now and still demand answers from the directors, the appointed officials from SDSM about the amount of their salary that was paid with the money of the citizens who are struggling to make ends meet throughout these past few months. Does Marko Bislimoski as chairman of the Energy Regulatory Commission have incomes of around 2,000 euros per month? Or it is 8 times more every month than a citizen who receives a minimum wage during the coronacrisis. Does Tomislav Tuntev receive a monthly salary of around 3,000 euros from the Civil Aviation Agency? Or that is 12 times more than a citizen who gets the minimum wage in the midst of this crisis. Tuntev gets a salary for one year as much as someone who receives 250 euros a month (the most common salary in Macedonia) should work for 12 years,” Arsovski said.

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