Filipche: The next step would be a complete lockdown


If the restrictive measures are respected, we will avoid a lockdown, but we must all adhere to them, said a Minister of Health Venko Filiphce at Saturday’s press conference.

He does not rule out the possibility of full or partial lockdown in municipalities or cities if the measures are not observed.

“I sincerely believe that this proposed package of restrictive measures, which are practically a key link, will yield results. The next step is complete quarantine, or complete closure. We are far from that scenario now, but that will be the next step. We are using up all of the options, there is also the possibility to intervene in the public transport or in cutting the working hours in some economic companies and hospitality facilities, but these are just options. We want to avoid that. The measures are well dimensioned if they are respected, that way we will avoid a lockdown,” Filipche said.

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