Ahmeti: Albanians were discriminated against in the privatization process, so now they need our support


DUI leader Ali Ahmeti says Albanian Macedonian businessmen were discriminated against during the privatization that took place in Macedonia in the 1990s, so it is now time to support and stimulate Albanian investors at all levels.

Ahmeti said this after the announcements of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for privatization of Macedonian Posts, TPP Negotino, Macedonian Railways-Transport, Eurocompozit, Kolska, Macedonian state-owned land.

The DUI leader emphasized this in an interview for the “Balkan Talks”show which is broadcast on Euronews Albania, when asked by the journalist what it is that in this term they as a political party should do to improve the living standards of Albanians living in Macedonia. Something they will not give in to, given the large representation in the government office for Zoran Zaev, as never before.

Ahmeti explained that just as in their “twenty-year agenda” they had the advancement of the Albanian national issue, so they had the advancement of the Albanians in the field of economy.

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