Nightclubs demand 30% of gross income due to coronavirus bans


The night clubs after the protest together with the wedding restaurants and the pop artists were invited to talk with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and other representatives of the Government.

“After submitting our request for financial assistance in the amount of 30% of the gross income of each LICENSED facility for the months in which we have NOT worked and for the months that we will not work in the future, which could service the arrears for rents, lump sums for (electricity, water, telephones, internet), lease of parking spaces, security of facilities, etc.and we would continue to service them in the coming months in which we will not work, because with the new situation and the increase in the number of patients we could certainly not work in the next 6 months, after two weeks of waiting we received an answer that we will be financially supported in amount of 3 rents,” react from the association of nightclubs.

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