This is the historically highest budget that is not spent properly


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski at the parliamentary session for the Budget Review said that this was the highest budget in history that was not spent properly, neither to stimulate economic growth nor to fight the coronavirus crisis.

Regarding what the government should have done, Nikoloski said that the health budget should have been increased first as a priority and as it is in all countries dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

Second, an additional reward for health professionals to be more stimulated in their work. Providing educational conditions so that parents do not take out loans to buy laptops and computers so that they can attend school, and children do not have the trauma of why a friend’s father can buy two computers and his father none. Furthermore, computers for the teaching staff, as well as free internet for everyone. Public protocols for work in all sectors, instead of considering lockdowns. Increasing unemployment assistance and digitization of all public duties, as well as targeted

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