Journalist Trichkovski shares another hate rant: “Mickoski deserves to die”


The SDSM ideologue Branko Trichkovski shared another hate speech rant on social media over his, it seems, favorite topic – wishing death to members of the opposition party. Although Trichkovski has already received criminal charges for the status of Facebook “Death to Mickoski”, he again with a post in which he talks about the death of the leader of VMRO-DPMNE.


What will happen if Hristijan Mickovski dies from COVID-19 (or 20, whatever)?


Breaking News on Alfa TV and Telma.

Touching reading of the telegrams of condolences from Zaev, Gruevski, Mane Jakovlevski, Mitko Janchev.

Irreparable loss.

Rest in peace.

In a heavenly world without extraordinary congresses and resignations.

In the fresh air.

With no mafia.

Macedonia will join the European Union and will achieve the ideal for which he laid down his life on the altar of the Fatherland.

Along with Goce, there should be no misunderstandings.

Hristijan deserves it.

Eternal glory to him.


Well, that is quite enough, my dear.

It’s quite enough, indeed!” Trichkovski wrote.

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