Four patients die in Shtip hospital while waiting for the COVID-19 test results


Four patients have died at the Infectious Diseases Department in Shtip Sunday night. The spokesperson of the Clinical Hospital-Stip Marina Shumanska says that only the 62-year-old patient from Shtip tested positive for the coronavirus, and the other patients from Sveti Nikole, Kratovo and Vinica were suspected for COVID-19 and were waiting for the test results.

There are still four vacant beds on the Infectious Department in Shtip. A total of 51 patients from the entire eastern region are treated at this ward, and those with a more severe clinical picture are hospitalized. The pressure for admission of a patient will be reduced from tomorrow, when the Dermatology Department should be put into operation. The director of the Clinical Hospital-Shtip Alen Gjeorgjiev says that technical equipping of this ward is in progress, so that patients with a lighter clinical picture can be admitted.

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