Dr. Nikolov: The algorithm used is for 15-30 positive cases, not for 900-1.100, the government is playing ping-pong with the measures


Dr. Igor Nikolov in his many criticisms of the current government for “not taking concrete” measures in the fight against coronavirus, says that even the algorithm used to schedule testing of people suspected of being infected, is applicable for 15 to 30 positive not for 900 to 1,100 positive people, as well as the fact that in one week there is a growth of 70% of new patients.

“The percentage of daily infected in relation to the tested persons is worrying. That number has risen from 10 percent so far, to 35 to 45 percent positive, and that tells us that the whole burden falls on the health system that has been plagued since the beginning of the pandemic, but now it is the peak and the question mark is how to sustain this “period without taking concrete measures,” Nikolov said.

“We found ourselves in a situation where the Government plays ping-pong policy, the Commission for Infectious Diseases shifts responsibility to the Government, the Government says it’s the Commission said so and all the time we have running from responsibility, and unfortunately we have a PR who constantly convinces us that the situation is under control, but the reality is that this big PR bothers the health workers a lot,” Nikolov said.

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