It’s not time for early local elections due to increase in COVID-19 infections, says former Health Minister


The opposition coalition Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa believes that it is not the right time for early local elections, due to the current situation with the coronavirus epidemic in the country, said current Mayor of Gostivar Arben Taravari on Wednesday.

Arben Taravari MD was Minister of Health from June to October of 2017, when his party Alliance for Albanians left the SDSM-led government, and won the mayoral election the same year.

“I think it is very unreasonable in this economic crisis and in this state of pandemic to organize early local elections in which mayors will be elected for a term of ten months. Let them analyze how the mandate of these two mayors in Plasnica and Stip can be extended, it can be extended for another ten months, so that we do not spend the money, so instead of elections, we spend it on drugs or do as many tests as possible.” said Taravari.

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