Filipce: COVID-19 situation is getting extremely serious, don’t leave home if unnecessary


Health Minister Venko Filipche once again urged citizens for serious responsibility and mobilization. He noted that the situation is getting extremely serious, and asked the citizens for maximum compliance with the protective measures.

“The situation is extremely serious, the health system is fully mobilized to respond to the challenge. I’d like to thank all healthcare professionals for their superhuman efforts. I know they are tired, but I believe we will tackle this huge health challenge. We ask for support from everyone, from the media, from the citizens. No matter how much it is repeated, the key to this battle is consistent observance of the measures,” Filipche said.

“The virus is widespread, and the slightest carelessness can mean infection. We have excellent measures, and at today’s meeting I said that additional measures, additional restrictions should not be introduced at the moment. I urge the measures to be respected now, not leave your homes if it’s really not necessary, such as going for groceries, to work or school, etc. Only in solidarity can we deal with the crisis,” said Filipche.

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