Cost of living higher than October last year


Compared to Sept. 2020, the Oct. 2020 Consumer Price Index was 100.1%. Increases were registered in cigarettes by 5.2%; fresh or frozen vegetables (other than potatoes and other tubers) by 4.2%; fats by 3.7%; sweeteners, chocolate and confectionery by 0.9%; and wine by 0.2%.

According to latest figures released by the State Statistical Office, the Retail Price Index, on the other hand, was 99.5% in comparison to Sept. 2020.

In comparison to Oct. 2019, the Consumer Price Index in Oct. 2020 increased by 2.1% and the Retail Price Index increased by 1.0%.

An increase in the Consumer Price index in October 2020, in comparison with the previous month, was also registered in footwear by 2.0%; jewelry, clocks and watches by 1.6%; paramedical services, gardens, plants and flowers by 1.5%; household gas, solid fuels by 1.4%; maintenance and repair of personal transport equipment, information processing equipment by 1.1%; and games, toys, hobbies, arts and entertainment by 0.3%.

A decrease in the Consumer Price index in October 2020, in comparison with the previous month, was registered in fresh or frozen fruit by 4.7%; fish and seafood by 0.7%; food products n.e.c by 0.5%; meat by 0.4%; and beer by 0.2%.

In October, there was also a decrease in the indices of photographic and cinematographic equipment and optical instruments by 8.4%; equipment for reception, recording and reproduction of sound and vision by 3.0%; liquid household fuels by 0.8%; small electric household appliances, motor cars by 0.6%; books by 0.4%; household textiles, hairdressing salons and personal grooming establishments by 0.3%; furniture and furnishings, spare parts for personal transport equipment, other services in respect of personal transport equipment, recording media, pets and related products by 0.2%.

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