Head of Anti-Corruption Commission: Constitutional judges cannot increase their salary supplement with the Rules of Procedure


Head of the Anti-Corruption Commission Biljana Ivanovska said that the judges could not increase their salary with the Rules of Procedure of the Constitutional Court, after the information that on October 22 they voted for allowances in the amount of up to 35% of the monthly salary, without pass in Parliament.

“What I can say is the fact that we need a law for the operation of the Constitutional Court. The fact is that they are working on the 91st Rules of Procedure, which is outdated. The Constitutional Court recently changed the Rules of Procedure, but it is also a fact that the Constitution states that the Rules of Procedure regulate the manner of dealing with their cases, and not the rights for their special supplement. A thing cannot be regulated by the Rules of Procedure if that same thing needs to be regulated, it should be by law,” said Ivanovska.

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