One thousand hospitalized with COVID-19 in Macedonian hospitals


The number of hospitalized people infected or suspected of coronavirus in a country of less than two million peopleis 998, according to the latest Health Ministry report released Monday evening.

Five of them are on ventilators and they are taken care of by the Skopje City General Hospital September 8. A total of 79 patients were hospitalized in this hospital.

The most hospitalized are at the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje, a total of 158 patients, of which 132 are on oxygen support.

At the clinics that were reassigned for admission of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 the condition is: Institute for TVC – 54 patients, Clinic for Neurology – 18 and Clinic for skin diseases 12 patients.

Eleven positive and three children suspected of COVID-19 were hospitalized in the hospital in Kozle, as well as 30 adult patients, positive and suspected of the virus.

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