Bulgaria has an absurd attitude, says it supports us to join the EU, but blocks us in reality


Аlthough we are rarely successful in national consensus, now for the specific case with the EU there is agreement and we all want to have a date for negotiations, but as we see it is complicated. We, as an opposition party, are not involved in the whole process and I speak based on information known to the public, VMRO-DPMNE MP Timcho Mucunski told the “Top Tema” show on Telma TV.

According to him, Bulgaria has a very absurd position.

“This is a position of Bulgaria which, diplomatically speaking, is quite absurd, because it says it does not support, but in reality it does not block,” Mucunski said.

The MP says that this position of Bulgaria when he says there is a historical truth and it is ours, it is insulting to Macedonia and in a way to Merkel who says use the past to look to the future.

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