Tripunovski: Lake Ohrid is seven centimeters away from an ecological disaster


Here we are at Lake Ohrid, the pearl of Macedonia, which due to the wasteful government and Zoran Zaev is facing an environmental catastrophe. The lake is only 0.07 meters to the level of the minimum elevation, i.e. it is 7 centimeters away from disaster, VMRO-DPMNE’s Cvetan Tripunovski told the media on Thursday.

“Lake Ohrid is only 7 centimeters away from an ecological disaster. So far the lake has lost a lot of water, and currently the water level has fallen by 58 centimeters from the maximum elevation of the lake. After Ohrid was on the verge of losing its UNESCO status, it is now on the verge of experiencing an environmental catastrophe. Lake Ohrid is home to 17 species of fish, 10 of which are endemic, also the lake has a large number of endemic flora, which with a possible environmental disaster and its survival is at risk,” Tripunovski said.

Lake Ohrid, as Tripunovski emphasized, was emptied as a result of the increased discharge of water into the river Crni Drim in order to produce electricity in the two hydropower plants downstream of the river, all to satisfy the desire for profit of Zoran Zaev.


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