Problems like the one with Bulgaria cannot be solved with inferiority


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President and Member of the Macedonian Parliament Aleksandar Nikoloski this morning an interview with “Studio 10” on Television 24, pointed out that politicians approach the problem with Bulgaria inferiorly, but to solve it needs more courage, but also arranging problems inside the country to increase pressure on Sofia.

“I cannot agree with the policy of the political milieu in Macedonia, which approaches the problems from an inferior position and that it must, I think it can be different, and in the case of Bulgaria if Macedonia has settled problems inside it will be far ahead of Bulgaria and will there is far more pressure on Sofia, because the European Union wants countries that have their issues solved, but unfortunately Macedonia is not one at the moment,” says Nikoloski.

“I think that in the long run we can win it, but we need more courage, settling domestic affairs and good lobbying outside,” said Nikoloski.

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