The culprits for the collapse of Eurostandard Bank are the Zaev brothers – PM’s brother took loans without coverage


VMRO-DPMNE announces that Zaev is a direct participant in the collapse of Eurostandard Bank, because the Prime Minister’s brother, Vice Zaev, took loans from the bank without coverage.

“29 companies from Strumica, including Vice Engineering of Vice Zaev, as well as Global Media Group and Triterol, which are companies of Zaev’s business partners, took loans without coverage and gained a fortune of 13 million euros from non-repayment. Before writing the defamatory text against Mickoski, the young Vasev should carefully check whether the owner of the company Minki is a co-owner of another company where Zaev’s business partners are building the shopping center in Prilep. We thank that SDSM gave us the opportunity to announce another mafia act of Zoran Zaev which will be sanctioned after the change of government,” said VMRO-DPMNE.

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