MP Anonio Miloshoski calls for interpellation of Nikola Dimitrov


MP Anonio Miloshoski calls for interpellation of Nikola Dimitrov due to the lies told regarding the date for EU negotiations and the signed harmful agreements with the neighbors.

“It’s time for him to resign! The spoiled minister in September 2018, when he manipulated his own supporters before the referendum, shouted a European Macedonia “it depends on us”. He took a picture with the Prime Minister on a plane, he lied that we have a date for starting talks with the EU, he lied that we had a plan, that they are the best government, and that we will get to Brussels and Sofia with the “good” agreements they signed! But yesterday on Telma he said ‘I do not feel responsible, it does not depend on us’!? The government was not responsible for the fact that we experienced countless national humiliations and a veto for the EU?! Then who lied about the date, if not Dimitrov? Who signed harmful contracts? Who was arrogantly deaf to all the remarks made by the opposition?

“Therefore, Minister Dimitrov, we will see what depends on you when you come to our Parliament for interpellation! With a mask, with a scarf, with social distance, everything! You can avoid interpellation only if you resign in the meantime, but it is crucial whether political morality or the political chair is more important to you. You know best,” the former Minister of Foreign Affairs told Dimitrov.

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