Testimony of Sulejman Rexhepi: Pendarovski abused the IRC to win the elections


They say that Macedonia is a secular country, i.e. religion is separated from the state, politics. In last night’s show “Click Plus” on TV 21, the former head of the Islamic Religious Community (IRC) Sulejman Rexhepi confirmed that religion goes hand in hand with politics. Senior representatives of SDSM and DUI asked him for help in the presidential elections, in order to elect Stevo Penadrovski as President of Macedonia.

“Mile Zecevic, a representative of Zoran Zaev’s SDSM, and Izet Medziti, a representative of DUI, begged me to receive them at a meeting. I told them wherever you want, there is no need for begging. They are people who are serious subjects. It is important that I accepted, I met with them at the House of Representatives, and they asked me to help them over the election of Stevo Pendarovski as president. Two presidents could have been elected with those votes with which I intervened. I called on my population, my Muslims and it gave results and Stevo Pendarovski himself told me, this is your victory not mine,” said Rexhepi.

Rexhepi resigned on May 30, 2020, and Shakir Fetahu took his place as the IRC head.

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