Leader of the Albanians in Macedonia admits that he made a deal with the PM to reopen the case for the terrorist attack near Kumanovo


Leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) Ali Ahmeti, in an interview with the Albanian television Ora News on Tuesday evening confirmed that he and his coalition partner in power, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, agreed on reopening the trial for the terrorist attack in Kumanovo’s Divo Naselje, when eight members of the Macedonian police were killed.

“We want this case to be brought to light, because it would be to the benefit of all parties, and we have requested and put it in the coalition agreement with SDSM for holding another trial for this case and for it to be reopened and re-investigated until the truth is disclosed,” Ahmeti said.

The Skopje Court of Appeals in September 2019 rejected the appeals of the defendants and their defense counsels and fully upheld the first instance verdict in the case of the terrorist attacks in Kumanovo.

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