Zaev: Even if we don’t share history with Bulgaria, we have to make one up


Speaking on 21 TV’s “Klik Plus” show, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that we share a common history with Bulgaria, but even if we did not, we would have to make one up.

Although he said that Bulgaria’s views were contrary to the Declaration of Human Rights, he said that the talks were about history.

The Macedonian language and the Bulgarian language arise from the common history, and if it were not for that common history, it would be necessary to make one up.

Zaev stressed the two countries shared a history, therefore Goce Delchev was a common hero of history, but also that he is ready to sign a new legally binding Declaration with Bulgaria. Zaev reaffirmed that Goce Delchev was a common historical figure with the Bulgarian people because there were institutions named after him.

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